Why Fleet GPS Tracking is Necessary for Construction Fleet Management

Construction fleet owners and managers worry about certain occurrences when their organizations. The most common issues fleet owners and managers worry about include the behavior of drivers both and the use of resources.

Fleet GPS tracking solves a lot of issues that could lead to the reduced productivity of construction fleets. Most of the issues arise because of the absence of direct monitoring of staff. Fleet GPS tracking solves the problems by giving fleet owners and managers an accurate idea of how things are run.

The following aspects are areas where fleet GPS tracking influence the productivity of construction fleets.


A level of unaccountability is commonly noticed with construction fleet staff. The areas where unaccountability is noticed include the use of fuel, driving above set limits and use of vehicles for non-work-related activities. Fleet GPS tracking solves the problem of unaccountability in the areas above and more. The real-time data provided by fleet GPS tracking empowers fleet managers and owners to ensure accountability.

GPSNVISION fleet tracking has several features for ensuring accountability of the staff of construction companies. The real-time data provided can place the location of vehicles that are part of a fleet at any time. The Frequent Stop and Geofence features also help to confirm the activities of drivers. The Geofence feature ensures that drivers stay within a prescribed location, while the Frequent Stop feature tells when stops are made.

The behaviors of drivers can also be managed with features of GPSNVISION fleet tracking such as Harsh Braking, Rapid Acceleration and Speed Threshold. These features ensure that drivers handle their vehicles as recommended. With Ignition Events, one can also tell when a particular vehicle was turned on and off.


When a construction fleet manager or owner can tell the location of all vehicles that are part of their fleet at every moment, the productivity of the organization is increased. Activities will be better coordinated and streamlined when the location of every vehicle that is part of a fleet is known all the time. Fleet owners and managers can also make better projections which leads to higher customer satisfaction and increased productivity.


Extra costs incurred through several means can be efficiently reduced with fleet GPS tracking. One of the ways through which a construction company can incur extra costs is from fuel spent on longer routes. This issue is eliminated with the Dispatch feature of GPSNVISION. The Dispatch feature allows the preprogramming of routes. Thus, routes that are known to save fuel can be programmed into different devices.

The Idle feature which tells when the ignition is turned on but the vehicle is stationary is another great cost-saving feature. Proper maintenance of vehicles also reduces the cost of running construction companies. The Maintenance Alert feature provides reminders of scheduled maintenance of vehicles.

Fleet owners and managers can also project and effect changes better with the reports on fleet activities they receive at intervals which could be weekly, monthly and yearly.

The benefits to the accrued from the use of fleet GPS tracking by construction companies are diverse as highlighted above.