What Landscaping and Lawn Care Companies Can Gain From Fleet GPS Tracking

Landscaping and lawn care companies make use of several vehicle and equipment in providing services for their clients. The management of staff, as well as the vehicles and equipment, can be tasking if traditional methods are employed. Since client satisfaction is linked to the proper management of resources, it is important for landscaping and lawn care companies to use tools that enhance their ability to inspect the quality of services rendered and manage resources.

Fleet GPS tracking provides landscaping and lawn care fleet owners and managers with the data they need to ensure enhanced productivity and client satisfaction as well as reduced costs. The areas where landscaping and lawn care companies can benefit from fleet GPS tracking are as shown below.

Enhanced customer satisfaction

When customers’ requests are handled efficiently, and in the shortest time possible, customers are typically satisfied and would most likely recommend the services to persons in their cycle. Fleet GPS tracking gives lawn care services data needed to tell where every equipment and vehicle is at every moment. Thus, as a customer request comes in, the equipment and vehicle closest to that location are dispatched to handle the request.

GPSNVISION  fleet GPS tracking provides real-time data on the location of vehicles and equipment both ensuring reduced costs on fuel and timely handling of requests. Landscaping companies can also tell where a particular crew is at a certain time to drop in and inspect the work they are doing. Such unscheduled inspections will keep staff on their feet at all times, and more customers will be satisfied with the quality of services they receive.

Enhanced quality of service

Fleet GPS tracking both ensures that enhanced quality of service and proper handling of vehicles. The different features of the GPSNVISION fleet GPS tracking provide data on parameters such as speed, acceleration, braking and stops. Thus, lawn care service providers can ensure that vehicles and equipment are utilized as recommended.

The increased ability to inspect the quality of services rendered and carry out unexpected inspections also helps to enhance the quality of service rendered.

Reduced costs

Costs of fuel and maintenance of vehicle and equipment are some of the recurrent costs incurred by landscaping and lawn care companies. With GPS fleet tracking, recurrent costs incurred are significantly reduced. Since the location and stops of a vehicle are monitored, activities that constitute wastage of resources can be streamlined or eliminated.

Activities which could be eliminated included unofficial stops and use of vehicle and equipment outside a prescribed area. Since the activities of drivers on the road can also be monitored, drivers could be cautioned as necessary on activities that result in excessive maintenance costs such as undue speeding and excessive braking.

Theft and inappropriate use of vehicles and equipment can also be monitored with GPSNVISION fleet GPS tracking as one can tell when the modem is unplugged notifying of theft or misappropriation.

All sectors of business aim to be more productive and reduce running costs. With GPS fleet tracking and 4G LTE technology, landscaping companies and lawn care service providers are better equipped to achieve their goals.