Magnetic Case Waterproof/Weatherproof for GPS Tracker – Highly Durable Protective Case Rust-Proof Magnet




  • USER-FRIENDLY & SAFE: No need to worry about damaging your tracker with water intrusion, or about ruining other surfaces.
  • THE PERFECT & MOST VERSATILE SOLUTION: Let your GPS tracker do its job even in tough weather conditions with the gnv909 magnetic case to ensure optimal functionality during extreme weather conditions ie heavy rain/snow, dirt/dusty roads. This case can be used to covertly stash valuables, keeping keys, fobs, cash, jewelry, garage door opener etc, safe from the environment. The case can also be placed under the chassis or hood of a car/truck, compartment of boat/jetski, ATV
  • Weatherproof Case The magnetic case is completely weatherproof and can withstand precipitation such as rain and snow. It can be used to hold a Key fob in areas where climate has freezing or hot temperatures.
  • Two Strong Powerful Magnets allows you to attach this black box case to any metal surface Small & covert design Safely secure the GPS Tracker on the outside of the vehicle