Trailer/ Boat GPS Tracker

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Stealth Model V – Asset –boat -equipment tracker- Long Battery Life GPS Asset Tracker

  • If the availability of external power is a concern, then the model V is the perfect device, this hybrid tracker can last up to two weeks without recharging.
  • The Model V is designed for reliable and multi-year deployments.  It is an ideal solution for tracking automotive and trailers, and managing assets. Low-cost – Easy installation only needs two wires (power and ground)
  • Reports every 5 minutes while moving.
  • Weather-proof case (IP66 Rated)
  • Operating temperatures: -22°F to +167°F (-30°C to +75°C)
  • 2-month rechargeable battery (reporting once per day)
  • Multiple input/output ports
  • 3G cellular network
    • Dimensions: 4×2.5×1”
    • 1 year warranty
    • if the external power is disconnected the device will keep reporting using its own 6500 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion back up battery

Best signal Multi Networks….GpsNVision uses a proprietary SIM card with “best signal” the SIM automatically detects loss of signal and swaps to the network with the strongest signal to prevent loss of connectivity.The Model V and Model S each can be used to accurately locate assets within 2.5 meters and feature a waterproof enclosure with an IPX6 rating (meaning it is impervious to dust, heavy splashing and rain), a 50-channel GPS, and Wi-Fi location tracking. A 3-axis accelerometer provides motion alerts and can be configured against thresholds. The devices can also send out low-battery notifications, are protected by tamper switches that detect unauthorized attempts at removal, and feature ultra-low power sleep modes to conserve battery power.


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