Fleet Tracking 4G LTE Verizon certify tracker- with Best Signal Multi Networks capability

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Best signal Multi Networks….Gpsnvision uses a proprietary SIM card with “best signal” the SIM automatically detects loss of signal and swaps to the network with the strongest signal to prevent loss of connectivity.

Main Features: Locates every 1 minute when vehicle is moving, Ignition on/off locates, Speed Alert Notifications, automatic Reports to your inbox.
Requires a monthly data plan subscription.

Track History: Web Access, Hard-wired install or Plug and Play OBD II GPS Trackers

Monitor Speed: The system allows you to be able to track and monitor fleet speeds. If a driver knows he is being monitored they are much more prone to not speed. Managers and business owners have the ability to receive real time alerts if predefined speeds are exceeded.

Monitor Idling: Drivers often use their vehicles as a climate control mechanism- idling the vehicle and wasting fuel. Our system defines when a vehicle is idling and can notify you in real-time.

Routing Efficiency: Increase Routing Efficiency – Our Routing feature allows users to find which vehicle is the closest to a specific location or landmark and to send direct route directions (via Google Maps) to the closest available driver. Route playback tools also allow managers to look over historic data and see if there are dispatching inefficiencies that can be fixed.

Reports: Detailed and Simple Views, Mileage and Mileage Summary, Speed, Miles Driven, All Events, Idle, Ignition, Moving, Start/Stop, Geo fence/Landmarks/Alerts, and more.


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  • One time $0 Sim activation fee-


4G LTE GPS Fleet tracker

Real Time Tracking  4G LTE 
.  The GV50MA is Gpsnvision newest 4G LTE Verizon certify tracker, the GV50 has configurable inputs and outputs to best fit users needs. You can control and monitor what routes your assets are traveling to be more efficient, Changing icons allows you to see stops, idle, speeding, customer entry/exit, and many other things. Live updates  with silent refresh mapping technology System monitors 24×7 of all assets so you don’t have to.  Real-time alerts are produced instantly to let you know at all times what is going on. Complete & detailed historical route can be retrieved from any driver.  All units listed on left hand side with last update, all unit info and alert status.

Device requires a monthly service fee.



GPSNVISION Complete Reporting Suite

Receive Scheduled Reports

  • Receive critical reports in your Inbox on daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Example 1: Send “Idle Report by vehicle with graph” every Monday morning at 9AM
  • Example 2: Send “Speed violations ” everyday at 9AM
  • Gpsnvision offers the most extensive suite of reports in the marketplace today


  • Detailed Activity Report
  • Start Stop Report
  • Stop Report
  • Speed Alert
  • Maintenance Reminder
  • Idle Report
  • Location Entry Exit
  • Fleet Status
  • IFTA State Mileage
  • Alerts
  • Raw Data PLReport.aspx2

GPSnVision using Inteltrack  Advanced Mapping Systems