B08B8XZ4YJ GPS Tracker-Bolt-Mini for Vehicle, Car, Truck, RV, Equipment, Small Hidden Tracking Device-Amazing 1 Month Rechargeable Battery, Small Size…



  1. Powerful and Portable – Use Anywhere!  high-quality powerful 3000mAh battery, this GPS tracker offers up to 1 month of continuous working time and up to 1 year of standby
  2. User friendly for Drivers in the Field
  3. Rechargeable Battery Lasts for Approximate 4 weeks, with an average use of one hour of driving time per day
  4. Internal 3-axis accelerometer for power saving and motion detection
  5. Water resistant
  6.  Rechargeable .Versatile design, can be used with the magnets or by itself.
  7. Access reports anytime via Smartphone (iOS and Android), Mac PC or Windows PC
  8. Easily monitor it’s battery life and recharge it in time

* This device does come with 1 embedded small magnet. If you are uncomfortable with the amount of the magnetic force, then consider purchasing our magnetic / waterproof case.

Waterproofing / Magnetic Case Available

A small magnetic and IP67 waterproofing case is available for this device, the magnetic case securely surrounds the device and has 2 large strong magnets secured to it. This allows you to place the unit on any magnetic surface allowing for safe, secure, and covert attachment to assets, cars, or trailers.




Additional information

Magnetic Case

GPS Tracker Only, With Magnetic Case