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No Contract GPS Tracking Service

Today’s satellite global positioning system, or GPS, turned into one of the most popular technology for fleet management professionals. Currently, there are countless GPS tracking solutions designed for businesses with fleets of all sizes, to ensure the best results on the optimization of resources (vehicles, equipment and personnel). The proclaimed benefits are similar in most cases and include cost’s reductions, efficiency and productivity increases.By tracking the drivers’ performance, safety can be professionally monitored and improved, while risks are minimized.

Confronted with such an endless offer of similar services, which key features should a Client considerin the decision? just one: flexibility.

Established in 2009, the company GPSnVision provides state of the art devices which are easy to install and simple to access from any web enable computer, tablet, or smart phone. It equips fleet managers and owners with powerful GPS fleet tracking tools that will help reduce fuel costs and increase fleet productivity. Every feature is configurable in a flexible way to ensure you obtain the information you need, when you need it, in the most convenient way to you.

With its GPS fleet tracking tools, GPSnVision guarantees the tracing of each vehicle location every 30 to 60 seconds while it is moving, speed alerts, harsh driving and ignition on/off notifications and other automatic reports sent to your inbox. The uncountable benefits that GPSnVision can bring out to a fleet manager allow to leverage opportunities in numerous ways. When decision makers access pertinent, accurate, relevant, reliable and real time information on their vehicles and drivers, this leads them to better executive choices for the businesses they manage.

Most fleet tracking companies operate under contract-based agreements which involve plans that typically run between 12 to 36 months and include a monthly service fee and an upfront down paymentfor the devices.

GPSnVision does not operate with fleet tracking contracts. Instead, they charge their customers monthly and provide them a chance to cancel the agreement at any time. This differentiated pricing model delivers flexibility for the smaller businesses and an opportunity for high quality services for larger companies.

To put it bluntly, there’s enough contracts in any people’s life – insurance contracts, TV cable contracts, cell phone contracts, gym memberships, you name it! GPSnVision does not believe in the need to add another contract just to thicken the office folder shelf. GPSnVision gives the business owners’ the best incentive on providing them top quality service, while keeping them as a customer month after month.

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