GPS fleet tracking small business Seattle

GPS Fleet Tracking in The US

  • Tracking: Positions every 30 to 60 seconds while the vehicle is traveling, ignition on/off status, speed alerts programmed reports to your e-mail
  • Subscription: Requires a $19.95 to $24.95 monthly data plan subscription (call for large fleet pricing)
  • Track History: From 90 to 365 days
  • Installation: OBD II Plug & Track GPS Trackers and Hardwired installation GPS Trackers
  • Monitor Speed: The platform allows you to track and monitor vehicles speed improving the overall safety of the drivers, vehicles, and other road users. If a driver knows he is being monitored they are much more prone to not speed. Managers and small business owners in The US have the ability to receive real-time alerts if predefined speeds are exceeded
  • Monitor Vehicle Idling: Drivers oftentimes use their vehicles as a climate control mechanism- idling the vehicle and consuming fuel. Our platform determines when a vehicle is idling and can inform you in real-time
  • Routing Efficiency: Increase Routing Efficiency – Our Routing feature lets users to find which vehicle is the closest to a point of interest or landmark and to send direct route directions (via Google Maps) to the closest available driver. Route playback tool also allows administrators to look over historical data and detects if there are dispatching inefficiencies that can be improved for better fleet performance
  • Reports: Detailed and Simple Views, Mileage and Mileage Report, Speed, Miles Driven, All Events, Idle, Ignition, Moving, Start/Stop, Geo-fence/Landmarks-POI/Alerts, and much more

Cold Chain Management

Cold chain management and temperature control become a key point in industries, where unexpected changes of parameters can suppress a range of processes. Users have an ability to receive alerts both through the system and SMS.

 Driving Behavior

Fleet GPS tracking platform, empowers your company to ensure your team is driving responsibly  by monitoring driving habits and safety of the vehicles. The expenses borne over the maintenance and fixations of corporate fleets are immense, and naturally — the driving behavior of delivery vehicles needs to be supervised for the sake of cargo safety.