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GPS fleet tracking reviews for Small Business. Gpsnvision provides GPS tracking devices and GPS service platforms for vehicles, trucks, fleet, and asset

Today, GPS trackers (or GPS “locators”) allow to different tracking systems or GPS systems platforms to track assets, vehicles, pets, and people’s location. For instance, small business owners with a small fleet of vehicles might use the services of fleet tracking companies for tracking, in real-time, the GPS location of their trucks to improve the overall operational efficiency of their businesses.

A GPS tracker app is used to connect mobile phones to the GPS tracking platform hosted on the cloud. This platform connects to the GPS tracking device installed on the vehicle and shows the vehicle’s location in a map. As we can see, the vehicle tracking device is an important component of the GPS system, but it also requires of a GPS tracking service (or platform) to work.

This second component of a GPS tracking system, the GPS tracking service (or tracking platform) that is in charge of providing the user interface, translating ,and visualizing the data sent by the GPS tracking device to the GPS tracking platform.

There are different GPS trackers available, some are designed specifically for cars, such as the OBD II trackers, and hard-wired trackers that can be installed in almost any vehicle. A GPS tracking device for cars, most of time, is simple and easy to install (like plug and track OBD II devices), however other tracking devices for cars or trucks can be more sophisticated, like GPS trackers that include several elements such as inputs, outputs, i-buttons, RFID readers, and buzzers, and therefore, their installation often requires a technician.

Moreover, a GPS vehicle tracking system often requires to satisfy the needs of a variety of different businesses. For instance, a carpet cleaning fleet could be similar, in terms of needs, to a plumbing trucks fleet, but totally different to the needs of a fleet of trailers.

Often, small companies in the vehicle tracking industry are more willing to offer a higher level of customization for small business niches like plumbing and carpet cleaning. Contrarily, it is very difficult for large GPS companies to tailor their offerings to the specific requirements of small business owners.

For small GPS fleet tracking companies, like GPSNVISION, GPS fleet tracking reviews and word of mouth are our main channel to bring leads. We can not invest millions in TV or Google ads. GPS online reviews are very important in order to decide what kind GPS device or what vehicle GPS tracking platform to subscribe to. For this reason, we ask our customers to provide us their valuable online feedback.

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