“My Insurance Company Was Able To Challenge The Other Vehicle Version Of The Accident”

“My driver was involved in an accident with another car, when the other car driver stated that my driver was speeding, I logged into gpsnvision site and confirmed that my driver was not speeding, with that information my insurance Company was able to challenge the other vehicle version of the accident, thanks to gpsnvision I felt better knowing that my driver didn’t cause the accident”

Marina Airport Limousine

“Five Stars From Me!”

Delivered on time. This unit worked perfectly out of the box. I contacted the vendor and the call was answered by a live person who answered my questions and offered additional help. Love the unit, it has verified a problem I had without having to follow a vehicle around. Printed proof of his driving left no wiggle room for “explaining” where he was and for how long. Five stars from me.

Riverside, California

“There Is Nothing More Crippling To Business Owners Than Not Knowing Where Your Employees Are”

There is nothing more crippling as a business owner ( ot knowing) where your employees are at or doing. This system is so detailed. I know when our service vehicles are parked. If they are working or not. Highly recommended.

Jimmy Garza Emergency Water Removal / Restoration El Paso, Texas

“If I Ever Got My Money’s Worth, This Is It!”

I drove into my office at 6:30 am to find my work van with a Carpet cleaning machine in it was gone from the parking lot, the keys to the van hanging in the wall, my day is full. The first thing I did was call the police, logged into my gpsnvision site and found my van a mere 3 miles away, by 8am I had my vehicle back, the thief’s didn’t have enough time to do any damage and I was able to service my clients without interruption

George Cazares, Firewater Restoration Kent, WA