My GPS tracking device testimonial. Might saved my techs life last night! How?

Last week we installed tracking devices on all our trucks. It does a lot things including tracking fuel usage, exactly where they go, how long, if their speeding and when they get fuel.

Well last night when I got home I tracked my trucks for the day and noticed one truck was not back yet. That was odd. I looked at the job and it was an empty home with code that would normally take 2-3 hours to do but the tracker said it had been 4 hours. So I called and texted but no answer.

It was getting late so I decided to drive out there. The house was in a lower income area and no power. Van windows down and home doors wide open. I yelled in but no answer but couldn’t see anything inside it was so dark. Being there is a police station nearby I called.

The police were there in 5 minutes. We walked throughout the house and found the tech passed out in the bathroom. The paramedics showed up and he was groggy. Come to find out he had congestive heart failure and his lungs were filling with fluid.

So I want to thank Paul Vergara with GpsNvision for turning me onto the system. It’s plug and play, saves you money, time and maybe even a life. Thanks Paul.