My GPS tracking device testimonial. Might saved my techs life last night! How?

Last week we installed tracking devices on all our trucks. It does a lot things including tracking fuel usage, exactly where they go, how long, if their speeding and when they get fuel.

Well last night when I got home I tracked my trucks for the day and noticed one truck was not back yet. That was odd. I looked at the job and it was an empty home with code that would normally take 2-3 hours to do but the tracker said it had been 4 hours. So I called and texted but no answer.

It was getting late so I decided to drive out there. The house was in a lower income area and no power. Van windows down and home doors wide open. I yelled in but no answer but couldn’t see anything inside it was so dark. Being there is a police station nearby I called.

The police were there in 5 minutes. We walked throughout the house and found the tech passed out in the bathroom. The paramedics showed up and he was groggy. Come to find out he had congestive heart failure and his lungs were filling with fluid.

So I want to thank Paul Vergara with GpsNvision for turning me onto the system. It’s plug and play, saves you money, time and maybe even a life. Thanks Paul.



My GPS tracking device testimonial

My company had a contract to provide security for several rental homes that were regularly being broken into and the appliances stolen. We purchased this device and stuck it inside of a stove. Eventually, at 7am on a Sunday morning, the alert that it was moving went off. I was able to track the thief and actually sat in traffic next to him while waiting for the police. When he was arrested, he was in possession of not only the appliances from the rental home where we’d hidden the GPS tracker, but appliances from 3 other rental homes he’d hit that morning. The suspect and his partner were both arrested on the spot. The police served a search warrant at his home and arrested another suspect and recovered over $35,000 in stolen appliances. This device worked exactly as advertised and the result was a very happy client and 3 thieves in jail. Thank you!

$35k stolen property recovery with the Asset tracker.
The GPSnVISION Tracker was of tremendous value.  The magnet capabilities surpassed our expectations.  The unit accuracy was amazing!  We were able to keep track of our daughter’s car with ease. When it came time to remove the vehicle from the possession of her ex-boyfriend, we were able to locate the car easily. Then with the help of local authorities who verified our ownership, we were given possession without negative consequences.
The Nelsons, Jacksonville, FL
The Nelsons, Jacksonville, FL

“It was very easy to install!”

Product works as advertised, and was very easy to install. Seller has been extremely helpful and responsive in explaining all the features and details of the system and making sure I understand how to actually use it. Great customer service.

fleet tracking alaska
Anchorage, Alaska

“Thank you for the continued great service!”

Paul, thank you for the continued great service! I will recommend you to anyone needing the services you provide.
Dave Stiles Jr. -Steam Master Cleaning, San Antonio, TX.

GPS Fleet Tracking Steam Cleaning
Steam Master Cleaning, San Antonio, TX

“Great customer service”

Dear Paul,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

“I have known Paul from Excel supplies & now with gpsnvision. He is great at customer service & extremely pleasant to work with. Never over sells. He has always been very honest & reliable.”

  • Service Category: gps tracking/security system
  • Year first hired: 2011 (hired more than once)
  • Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity
Clancy Byrne, SW Chemdry, Ft Myers, FL

“GPSnvision helped us to be more efficient”

The GPSnvision system helped our Company be more efficient.

Crystal Henning, PC Floors, Belton

“Great Service”

Great service, thanks much.

Carolina Carpet Cleaning, Columbia

“They Really Know Our Industry”

Totally satisfied with the product, outstanding service, really knows our industry

Bruce Little, Zion Carpet, Pasco

“Gpsnvision Saved Us From Having To Eat That Invoice”

We recently used our GPS history to clear up some confusion on an invoice. We had 4 units scheduled for cleaning at an apartment complex. The apartment manager had one of our crews clean 3 of them and then substituted a fourth. The crew forgot to make the changes on the work order resulting in a double billing when we finally cleaned the one that had originally been scheduled. We were able to look back into the history and see where the vehicle was parked and when the vacuum system was running to determine which of the four had been cleaned that day. Then we were able to jog the apartment manager’s memory on the fourth unit by giving him the address where the vehicle had been running on the undocumented job. Everything worked out great and GpsNvision saved us from having to eat the invoice for that fourth job!

Tim Garvey, Fox Valley Cleaners