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GPS tracking service

Mobile viewer

To use a portable device Pull up browser on the phone/tablet: For Android: Press menu button, select option save/add to home screen For Iphone: Press the lower center icon and save the app to your home screen.

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Dashboard GPS tracking fleet

The Dashboard

The Dashboard shows all the important information of the vehicles at a glance  for the past 24 hours, this data includes Average Idle time, average maximum speed, Alerts, etc.      

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gps small business

If you own a business with outside techs……you must read.

Everyday you put your business in the hand of your staff when they leave for a job in your company vehicle. Do they show up on time are they speeding down the streets? You really have No idea, UNLESS you have a GPS Vehicle Tracker. Electricians Plumbers Carpet Cleaning Trucking Lawn maintenance Pest control Driver […]

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service gps tracker small companies

Live Tracker

Live Tracker Live tracker enables a service company give temporary access to a particular vehicle in the fleet. Example 1: A Water damage company gets an urgent call for a flood; dispatch takes email and sends link to client, client can then view the vehicle in the map showing it’s on the way, and won’t […]

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Resolve Billing Disputes with GPS

Service companies have to know which jobs their drivers and technicians have completed and how much to charge for the labor on each invoice. However, their customers don’t always agree with the numbers printed on the invoice, so they have to be ready to back them up with data. GPS tracking provides helpful information businesses […]

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