THE BOLT: Car Tracker Austin Texas / Asset Tracker. Fully Waterproof and Magnetic


  • Rugged waterproof magnetic GPS Tracker
  • 3 month+ fully rechargeable battery life
  • Perfect for covertly tracking any Vehicle or Asset
  • Completely set up ready to use upon arrival

Product Description in Austin Texas

  • The perfect vehicle/asset tracker. It’s small size and big battery lets you place the Bolt in a confined space for a long period of time, without having to retrieve it to recharge it on a regular basis.
  • Track any journey in live time, seeing any address or location visited.
  • No software required. Live track on your own private mapping panel through your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Robust, fully waterproof protective casing.
  • Track from the palm of your hand! Free tracking app for all customers.
  • All tracking history recorded. You will see any location visited by your tracker, and full journey details. You can access this any time, and save as a printable document.
  • Multiple assets? You can add them all on to the same mapping panel, so you can monitor them all through one login.
  • No wires. Each GPS tracker is supplied with a battery charger, which you plug into a wall socket in the same way you would charge a mobile phone.
  • Zones feature. You can get instant alerts when your tracker enters/leaves any specific address/location(s) of your choices in Austin, Texas.
  • Set up movement alerts to be sent to you by text message and/or email.
  • Industrial strength magnets are set inside the casing, to mount on metal such as under a vehicle or plant/agricultural machinery.

    Prime portable

    The unit is charged via USB and once up and running all you do is press its power button for a couple of seconds. A flashing green light indicates it’s ready and a blue one shows it has a satellite signal. A web portal is used to monitor and configure the tracker and you can keep an eye on multiple devices from the same console. It provides a map showing where the device is along with co-ordinates and an address.

    Product Description of Magnetic GPS in Austin, Texas

  • Arrives set up and ready to use straight away. Up to 20 day battery life between charges.
  • Small unit roughly the size of a match box. Perfect for carrying on your person and fitting into any small space. Can fit on a lanyard or Put into a belt pouch.
  • Live tracking on your private mapping panel, via your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can Monitor on the go with our Free smartphone tracking app.
  • Have multiple users access the mapping panel information at one time.
  • All tracking history recorded and retained up to six Months on  your mapping panel.
  • Device reports every 2 minutes while it’s moving, and twice per day while stopped.
  • Safety zones. You can chose to receive a message as soon as your tracker enters/leaves any specific addresses/locations that you have set up the zone for.
  • SOS button on the tracker will send text/email alerts to you and 2 further recipients when the carrier needs help.
  • Requires a separately billed Monthly service plan fee as low as $19.99 to communicate over the cellular network. Cellular data is included in the Monthly fee.